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DoortoQuran is an E Quran Academy that is providing Online Quran majeed Classes across the globe, without any discrimination. We aim to provide the best Quran majeed Classes, Tafseer and Quranic Arabic with our qualified Online Quran Tutors on one platform with proficient.

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Quran Reading Course

Our E Quran Academy offers Online Quran Classes for kids and adults. Online Tajweed Course & Memorization Course for everyone from anywhere.
We teach the course to the Muslims across the world our teachers teach to build the foundation for learning the Quran.

Tafseer e Quran Course

Quran with Translation & Tafseer are necessary to understand the proper meaning of Quran. There are many people in different countries those are learning quran majeed.
we are also providing a superb environment for learning quran majeed.

Quranic Arabic Grammar Course

Quranic arabic grammar course is an elementary course if you want to learn the Quranic arabic. It is necessary for beginners and especially the kids. Elders who do not know how to read the verses can learn this course. Door to quran Academy offers an online Qaida course to make your learning very easy and fast.

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Noorani Qaidah
25 days classes


Quran Reading &Tajweed
25 days classes


Quran Memorization
Complete month classes


Tafseer ul Quran
20 days classes


Fiqh Courses
25 days classes


Arabic Language
Complete month classes


About us

Door to Quran

Quran Mentors is one of the leading platforms for Online Quran Classes, This doortoquran Academy was started in 2020 and has been enlightening hundreds of students all across the world through it’s Online Quran majeed Classes. The prime focus of doortoquran Academy to teach the best readings of the Quran with the help of detailed knowledge on Tajweed, teach this prestigious book and Quranic Arabic.

In a very short time, Quran Mentors has constantly ascended to new heights due to their devotion to students by Online Quran Tutors and their consistent efforts for improving it over time. We are aiming at entailing as many students as possible in the bounteous act of Hifz al Quran as well.

Adaptable TIMINGS

The class timings at our DoortoQuran Foundation are incredibly adaptable and the understudies can plan the classes as per their accommodation.

Noorani Qaida Online

We have a team of enthusiastic, dedicated, and experienced Islamic scholars who graduated from renowned institutes to provide high-quality online Quran learning facilities.

Quran Classes for Kids

DoortoQuran Foundation gives an adaptable, secure, and helpful stage for online Quran figuring out how to kids at home with cordial correspondence mode and master researchers.

Learn Quran with tajweed

DoortoQuran Academy has experienced Quran teachers to teach Muslims all across the USA. The word Tafseer relates to ‘’learning the meanings of words’’. It develops a better